Yas Marina Circuit

"The worlds best F1 Circuit"

This is where the driving starts. Thrill seekers, put your foot down and feel like a champion at Yas Marina Circuit.


The Aston Martin GT4 has the look of its distinguished Vantage sibling, but moves fearlessly like a race car. Light on its wheels, this vehicle navigates sharp corners with ease and crosses a straight with the swiftness of a predator.


The interior has been modified from its road-friendly counterpart to suit professional racing needs, to include racing seats, an additional instrument panel, protection bars and plastic windows. Built in an entirely separate factory by racing specialists, the GT4 combines a powerful 4.7-litre V8 engine with sleek curves, high-acceleration and sophisticated performance.


The drive more than lives up to the promise of its elegant shape - - not to mention the fact that the GT4 has one of the best-sounding engines ever made!


Formula YAS 3000 - Put yourself in the shoes of a professional racing driver revving a 3000cc V6 engine. This race-worthy engine was developed specifically for the circuit by high performance Formula 1® engineer Cosworth.


Get a grasp of the inner workings of this racing car and experience truly sensational performance firsthand. You’ll be in charge of the paddle shifters which help shift the gear box up and down. Two on-board video cameras will capture your drive and allow you to re-live the action later on.


 Aston Martin GT4 Drive


 Formula Yas 3000 Drive