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Showcase Track Days

GP EXEC Showcase Days

GP EXEC SHOWCASE days are the perfect platform for vehicle dealers, automotive product suppliers, car tuners to  bring customers to experience there range in real time in a safe and exciting environment.

These days are managed in similar format to our PRIVATE day programs, with a dedicated event manager who works closely with you and your team to execute a professional event that your clients will love you for a long time to come.

SO if you have a new model that you want your clients to road test in a preset environment or you wish to showcase a product in an unusual way then SHOWCASE is for you.

The days can be highly customised to suit your goals and our team is more than happy to offer some quirky ideas that we have done in the past that may make the your event quite unique.

If you are interested in hosting your own SHOWCASE event, click here, or call us 1300 473 932.

Which program suits you

Exclusive Days

Exclusive Days

Private facility – Only an hour north of Sydney.

Private Days

Private Days

Want to book your own private track day that lives up to the expectation?

Showcase Days

Showcase Days

Show off the latest performance vehicles and products plus entertain your customers with your own exclusive day

Prepare your day on the track

Our experienced team at GP EXEC have more than 120 track days of experience and they have come together to provide you with the tips to make your day more enjoyable at the track.

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