Dealer Track Days

“Entertain and Promote, the only to buy & sell a new car”

GP EXEC Dealer Track days have been designed utilising more than 15 years of track and motorsport experience to establish a high quality track based program that provides owners to explore the upper limits and performance capabilities of a brand specific range of cars in a safe and controlled environment.


Customers both prospective and current can use this opportunity to drive a range of brand vehicles on the track testing them to see the true performance of each. Dealers could be not only Auto but may also be in the industry such as Tyre dealers, Exhaust or Performance Parts Retailers.


Each Dealer track day is for a maximum of 30 vehicles and these vehicles must meet set safety criteria prior to entering the track for the first time. Dealers would enjoy benefits of these days such as:


- Great customer retention

- Opportunity to display new models and sell directly on the day

-  Exclusive to the dealer, no need to share with other dealers or manufacturer

- On hand driving instructors

- Customised to provide a unique and memorable experience

- Option to get service work before and after the day


The Dealer Track Days are customised to meet the specific requirements of the dealer, contact GP EXEC here to discuss further.