Corporate Track Days

“Entertain and excite your team or clients”

GP EXEC Corporate Track days have been designed utilising more than 15 years of track and motorsport experience to establish a high quality track based program that provides owners to explore the upper limits and performance capabilities of their luxury, performance, super and hyper cars in a safe and controlled environment. The Corporate Track days are designed for organisations to book their own exclusive day at the track and bring their own vehicles.


Owner’s drive their own vehicles on the track at set intervals, and only with a maximum of 5 cars on the track at any one time, ensuring a safe environment and the opportunity to experience handling, braking and high speed capabilities of their own cars.

Each private track day is for a maximum of 30 vehicles and these vehicles must meet set safety criteria before taking to the track and is there are no restrictions on the type make or model of vehicle allowed on the day.


Corporate clients enjoy the GP EXEC Corporate track Day as it provides:


- Safe and enjoyable track environment

- Plenty of track time

- Friendly and social environment

- On hand driving instructors

- Good value time spent with colleagues or clients


These days are custom designed to suit the requirements of the client.

Terms and conditions apply to engaging in this type of activity.

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